Want to enjoy your music with crisp audio and perfect bass? Is securing your car with expertly installed security systems a priority? How about increasing your safety with a backup camera installation?
Sound America can do all of this and more with competitive prices on the latest technology. Our installation services ensure that you have a convenient one-stop-shop experience.


We can upgrade your sound system with any component you could ever imagine, including subwoofers, CD and radio systems, speakers, bluetooth audio streams, Sirius Satellite and more.

Don’t settle for muffled audio. Enjoy your music to the fullest with sound systems from Sound America!


Perfect for long car trips or just to help keep the kids busy during a ride to the store, entertainment screens are never without a use.

We offer the best style for you, including headrest screens, flip down rear seat and flip down overhead screens. We can also install GPS screens to help you arrive safely at any destination.

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is the high tech way to use your iPhone while on the go. Get the full use of your phone without sacrificing safety with CarPlay’s built-in display. Do everything you would normally do on your phone, including use GPS, make calls, send and receive texts and listen to music. Let CarPlay help you stay focused while staying connected.

Auto Accessories

Cameras and sensors for your vehicle might be one of the best investments you can make for security and safety. A backup camera system is not only helpful when backing into or out of tight places, but can also help you avoid children or animals that might be in your blind spot. Dash cams are helpful for everyone, especially when deciding blame in the instance of a car accident. Dash cams can also play an important role in safety if you are a driver for Uber, Lyft or similar services.

Auto Security

Stop crime in its tracks with expertly installed auto security systems. Car alarms, sensors and cameras can go a long way in protecting one of your largest investments from theft and damage, and can help hold criminals accountable. Ask about all of our options to decide which system is best for you.

Marine Accessories

​Everything that we can do for your vehicle, we can also do for your boat! Enjoy quality sound systems, video displays and security systems for your marine vessel so that you can enjoy all of your media on land or water!

We carry the latest technology from the top brands in the industry for your vehicle or boat at competitive prices.